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The Luxe Hand Knit Hats and Hand Warmers are remarkable, non-itchy, ultra soft, and cozy warm pieces, that are both high-quality and very comfortable. They’re made with baby alpaca and merino wool blends, two of the most interesting natural fibers in the world. Baby alpaca is alpaca fiber made with hair from the very first sheer of an alpaca. Sheering an alpaca is an ethical and humane process, no animals are ever harmed for Pokoloko products.


As a bonus, alpaca is one of the Earth's most sustainable fibres to make, because alpacas and alpaca fibre harvesting have a very low environmental impact. They’ve woven this luxury fibre into a timeless design, with colours that complement your outerwear. A seasonal staple for your wardrobe, great for the active enthusiast or for cooler weather wanderings.

Luxe Hand-Knit Hand Warmers - Sand

  • Materials 43% baby alpaca, 43% merino wool, 14% polyamide
    Measurements One size fits most
    Colour Sand
    Origin Peru
    Benefits Odour & UV resistant, hypoallergenic, breathable

    The Alpaca Makers of Peru

    A collective since 2003, this group works with over 100 ethical & ecological Peruvian Producers who are fairly compensated for their technical abilities. Their mission is to allow artisans to be recognized for their talents and abilities, for economic development as well as to offer high-end apparel and accessories.